New ceramic pieces available

Three new one off pieces are now available for sale on the website. They are inspired by my curiosity of the brain, the mind and mental health. It is a subject very close to my heart, or should that be brain, as being Neurodiverse I am very aware that I am wired differently to most people. What makes us different? How do we get stuck in our patterns? How do these jelly like things in our head actually work? And isn't it all rather amazing.

These three pieces started off as found images. They were illustrations from the 1800's and had these beautiful hand drawn elements. I took slices of the images and collaged them together to create the new forms. I changed the colours of the images to blues as a nod to the traditional blue tile and encased them in a simple white wooden frame.

Interested parties can purchase them through the website or arrange to visit the studio in central Bristol and purchase there.

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